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Barriers that Hinder Good Hygiene Among the Elderly

With advancing age, many of our elders become reluctant to bathe. From fear or discomfort in using the bathroom or a recent injury, there are many reasons behind this behavior. Determining why your loved one’s bathing habits have changed can help devise a strategy to promote good hygiene.

As a trusted provider of home care in Grand Prairie, Texas, we will discuss the common reasons behind poor hygiene in seniors:

  • Weakened Senses

    As we age, our noses may not easily pick up on odors of old sweat, urine, or body odor. Poor vision can also make it difficult to notice signs of poor hygiene, like stains on old clothes or an unkempt appearance. Home care services in Texas can help seniors with laundry and bathing to maintain their hygiene routines.

  • Fear and Discomfort

    The bathroom can be an unsafe place for seniors, especially those with mobility or vision loss. Taking a shower can carry significant risks, such as the possibility of a broken hip or even a permanent change in their mobility. Discomfort can also cause poor hygiene, as seniors get cold more easily and may tire out quickly, which can make bathing a real challenge.

  • Lack of Control

    As we age, we tend to lose more control over our lives. From losing the ability to drive or perform daily tasks, one of the aspects that our elders often cling to the longest is their personal hygiene. Hence, the thought of receiving home care assistance may cause reluctance for fear of losing control and independence.

We at All Heart Home Care Services, LLC offer personal care to address poor hygiene in aging adults. Reach out to us to learn more about this service and other ways we can help facilitate healthy aging.

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